Resident Guidelines

Upon becoming a resident of Choices Recovery House all persons enter into a 30‐day probationary period, during which a specific set of guidelines are applied. These rules and regulations are intended to assist each resident in his or her transition into the house in which he or she has become a resident, and help each focus on the recovery program.

Initial 30 days of Residency

  • Visits with immediate family members (on or off premises) may be permitted with prior approval from House Management.
  • Resident must actively seek employment or perform volunteer work from 9am to 3pm, Monday through Friday.
  • Resident may not have any overnight stays off premises.
  • Curfew is 10:00pm.
  • Resident must sign in and out when leaving, or arriving at, the House, and may only leave the premises (for non-job related activities) with persons not on House probation, or with a Sponsor.
  • Resident must select a Home Group.
  • Resident must select a Sponsor.
  • Resident must schedule a drug and alcohol evaluation.
  • A signature must be obtained for each AA/NA meeting attended.
  • A black-out, in reference to members of the opposite sex and/or desired alternative sexual preferences, will be in effect during the initial 30 Day Probationary Period.
  • Resident will receive a House key when all probation criteria have been met.
  • During their entire length of stay, residents will be subject to random drug and alcohol testing.
  • An individual consultation with House Management will be completed at the end of the initial 30 days to determine the status of your probationary period and to review House policy and procedure.
  • Resident must attend a minimum of 90 AA/NA meetings in 90 days. After 90 days, a minimum 5 meetings per week is required. Attendance will be reviewed at each house meeting.

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