Choices Recovery House was founded with the personal philosophy that recovery from the diseases of alcoholism and drug addiction requires a clean, sober, healthy atmosphere. Choices staff draw upon their personal experiences to provide support to residents along their path to recovery. Choices provides a consistent and stable environment in which to attain recovery goals. At Choices men and women can learn to live life on life’s terms, and as transitional living homes, Choices provides them with a foundation for living a fulfilling life of their own.

The disease of alcoholism and drug addiction is a cunning, baffling, and powerful one that cannot be conquered alone.

At Choices Recovery House, you are not alone.

An Interview With One of Our Residents

Allison Foust, 35, shares her story of drug addiction and recovery as she lives in Choices Recovery House in York, Pa.

Shared from this article, “In Recovery Homes, Chasing Sobriety, Responsibility“, by Mark Walters of the York Daily Record. Video by Chris Dunn.

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